20140723 175401Heidi is a mobile closer and has been closing real estate transactions and refinance loans since 2001. She has a 5 year old Fluffy English Mastiff named Butler, who loves to play, is ridiculously curious, not afraid of anything, hates cats and loves fruits and vegetables (oranges most of all). Butler even loves his older brother Buddy who is a 10 year old Golden Pyrenees (Golden Retriever mixed with Pyrenees) who has some health issues and won't be with us much longer.

CJ is a (volunteer) Fire Fighter and instructor at Texas A&M (TEEX ) summer program and a field service technician for National Bus Sales. CJ is from Australia, and is retired from the REME (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineering ) Division of the Australian Army. CJ brought over with him from Australia a Dingo/heeler mix named Recks, who is a ball fanatic. Recks is the father of Jennifer and Brutus, who's momma was a basset hound.