LowResPIF016Doris has been a volunteer for Saint Rescue for about three years. Her rescue roots go way back though. She owned a dog grooming shop in the past, and was heavily involved in the showing of Toy Poodles and American Cockers in the seventies and eighties. Later on, Doris became involved in Pot Belly Pig rescue, and still has 9 rescued pigs that she cares for. Doris has 3 daughters, and 7 grandchildren.

Doris had a beloved Saint of her own some years back, that she rescued from a family that had tied it to a porch. She wasn’t sure she was keen on the size and the slobber, but it only took one day to let her know this was THE breed she loved.

After the tragic loss of her Saint to cancer, Doris finally decided it was time for another. She contacted rescue and came to look for a new friend. Due to some smooth talking by Christine, Doris instead signed up to be a foster (woo-hoo!). Since then, numerous Saints have lumbered in and out of her household. Doris says she fosters because saving Saints provides her with a purpose in life that fills her soul.