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Luck and Legends rescued a mom and 7 of her puppies from a shelter in Houston. Shortly after settling into their foster home, 5 of the 7 puppies came down with Parvo and are now fighting for their lives.

Parvo is a deadly disease in puppies. All of these babies have such a fighting spirit, but this is where they need you. Luck and Legends is a 501c3 non-profit that relies 100% on donations. Over the past few months, they have taken on multiple ill, injured, and abused Saint Bernards. Their funds have run incredibly low.

To save these babies, the treatment will cost $900 per dog. The other 2 babies also need to be put on medication to prevent getting it.

Please help these babies and give them the chance at life they so deserve. Thanks for your support! Please click the button to below to donate.